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31 January 2023 - 3 February 2023
Vienna, Austria

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Africa - Opportunities in Challenging Times

It’s time to do business with Africa!

Africa - a continent marked by challenges and opportunities – has a young and entrepreneurial population, significant natural resources, rapid urbanisation, dynamic economies, and a supportive diaspora.

But how can one navigate around 54 markets, which are as diverse as they get and make an informed decision about it?

To draw on the full potential of the continent's rising economy, Austrian companies need to establish strong ties and partnerships with their African counterparts and create a coherent geographic portfolio on where to operate.

This year’s AFRICA DAY aims to highlight the opportunities in various regions of the continent, provide practical leads on how to tackle the market and, most importantly, provide a platform for Austrian and African companies to connect.

Africa has space for many more entrepreneurs and investors. We hope you will be one of them. One of your first steps should be joining the AFRICA DAY 2023!

In its sixth edition, the AFRICA DAY will be held as a hybrid event, making both in-person and virtual attendance possible. Austrian company representatives are invited to participate in person on January 31st and online from February 1st - 3rd. African company representatives are encouraged to participate virtually.

We invite you to register for the AFRICA DAY 2023! Connect with likeminded entrepreneurs as well as industrial and political experts in order to explore expansion opportunities for your business.

For further information regarding the programme click on the following link: Agenda  

The event will be held in English. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

The event is supported by go-international, a joint initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Labour and Economy and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

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Meetings 956
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Algeria 113
Côte d'Ivoire 86
Egypt 65
Nigeria 57
South Africa 52
Ghana 42
Kenya 36
Burkina Faso 30
Tanzania, United Republic Of 19
Cameroon 11
Namibia 10
Uganda 10
Germany 10
Morocco 9
Senegal 8
Zambia 7
Rwanda 7
Benin 7
Sudan 6
Angola 6
Tunisia 5
France 5
Guinea 5
Gambia 5
Sierra Leone 4
Ethiopia 4
Gabon 4
Slovenia 3
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The 3
Slovakia 2
Portugal 2
Congo 2
Serbia 2
Liberia 2
Switzerland 2
Central African Republic 2
United States 2
Hungary 1
Bangladesh 1
Sao Tome And Principe 1
Botswana 1
Libya 1
United Arab Emirates 1
Madagascar 1
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Estonia 1
Togo 1
Mauritius 1
Mali 1
United Kingdom 1
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